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2020 Indycar
104th Indianapolis 500
Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Speedway
23 August 2020
 Length: 0km

Lap Record:

Paddock Box Premium Grandstand
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 31-35 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 11-15 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 6-10 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 1-5 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 66-69 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 61-65 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 56-60 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 51-55 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 46-50 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 41-45 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Paddock Box Section 36-40 GrandstandSOLD OUT
C Grandstand
 4-Day C Section 15-18 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day C Section 11-14 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day C Section 6-10 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day C Section 1-5 GrandstandSOLD OUT
Pit Road Terrace Grandstand
 4-Day Pit Road Terrace Section 38-42 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Pit Road Terrace Section 33-37 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Pit Road Terrace Section 26-30 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Pit Road Terrace Section 21-25 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Pit Road Terrace Section 16-20 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Pit Road Terrace Section 11-15 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Pit Road Terrace Section 6-10 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Pit Road Terrace Section 1-5 GrandstandSOLD OUT
H Grandstand
 4-Day H Section 1-6 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day H Section 7-12 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day H Section 13-18 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day H Section 19-24 GrandstandSOLD OUT
North East Vista Grandstand
 4-Day North East Vista Section 1-5 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North East Vista Section 6-10 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North East Vista Section 11-15 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North East Vista Section 16-20 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North East Vista Section 21-25 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North East Vista Section 26-31 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North East Vista Section 32-37 GrandstandSOLD OUT
North Vista Grandstand
 4-Day North Vista Section 21-26 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North Vista Section 27-32 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North Vista Section 32-38 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North Vista Section 39-44 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North Vista Section 51-56 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North Vista Section 45-50 GrandstandSOLD OUT
North West Vista Grandstand
 4-Day North West Vista Section 1-5 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North West Vista Section 6-10 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North West Vista Section 11-15 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day North West Vista Section 16-20 GrandstandSOLD OUT
A Grandstand
 4-Day A Section 25-31 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day A Section 19-24 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day A Section 13-18 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day A Section 7-12 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day A Section 1-6 GrandstandSOLD OUT
J Grandstand
 4-Day J Section 1-5 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day J Section 16-20 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day J Section 21-25 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day J Section 26-30 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day J Section 11-15 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day J Section 6-10 GrandstandSOLD OUT
South Vista Grandstand
 4-Day South Vista Section 12-17 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day South Vista Section 18-22 GrandstandSOLD OUT
South East Vista Grandstand
 4-Day South East Vista Section 26-32 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day South East Vista Section 25-28 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day South East Vista Section 21-24 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day South East Vista Section 17-20 GrandstandSOLD OUT
South West Vista Grandstand
 4-Day South West Vista Section 1-5 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day South West Vista Section 6-10 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day South West Vista Section 11-15 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day South West Vista Section 16-20 GrandstandSOLD OUT
G Grandstand
 4-Day G Section 76-81 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day G Section 82-87 GrandstandSOLD OUT
Tower Terrace Grandstand
 4-Day Tower Terrace Section 52-57 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Tower Terrace Section 46-51 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Tower Terrace Section 42.45 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Tower Terrace Section 37-41 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Tower Terrace Section 69-74 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Tower Terrace Section 64-68 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Tower Terrace Section 75-79 GrandstandSOLD OUT
 4-Day Tower Terrace Section 58-63 GrandstandSOLD OUT
South Terrace General Admission
 4-Day South Terrace Section 1-13 GrandstandSOLD OUT
Grand Prix of Austria
Red Bull Ring - Speilberg
14-16 August 2020
Spanish Grand Prix
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - Catalunya
14-16 August 2020
Grand Prix of Styria
Red Bull Ring - Speilberg
21-23 August 2020
104th Indianapolis 500
Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Speedway
23 August 2020
Belgian Grand Prix
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps - Francorchamps
28-30 August 2020
Italian Grand Prix
Autodromo Nazionale Monza - Monza
4-6 September 2020
Portugal Round
Algarve International Circuit - Portimăo
4-6 September 2020
Ferrari 1000th Grand Prix
Autodromo del Mugello - Mugello
11-13 September 2020
Grand Prix of San Marino
Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli - Misano Adriatico
11-13 September 2020
24 hours of Le Mans
Circuit de la Sarthe - Le Mans
16-20 September 2020
Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna
Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli - Misano Adriatico
18-20 September 2020
Russian Grand Prix
Sochi Autodrom - Sochi
25-27 September 2020
Grand Prix of Catalunya
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - Catalunya
25-27 September 2020
Bathurst 1000
Mount Panorama Circuit - Bathurst
8-11 October 2020
German Grand Prix
Nürburgring - Nürburg
9-11 October 2020
Grand Prix of France
Le Mans Bugatti Circuit - Le Mans
9-11 October 2020
Grand Prix of Aragon
MotorLand Aragon - Alcańiz
16-18 October 2020
Grand Prix of Teruel
MotorLand Aragon - Alcańiz
23-25 October 2020
Portugese Grand Prix
Algarve International Circuit - Portimăo
23-25 October 2020
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